ToDo List

Currently, this doesn’t seem to link into the index, as I’d hoped.

  • Refine “Printed Book” and “Translations”

  • Code extractor for rst files (maybe part of intro chapter?)

  • Code updater to put code in/refresh code into book.

  • Move frontmatter into its own directory

  • <!> Seems to be a warning sign (but initial tests didn’t work)

  • Idea: decorator on a dictionary object, to turn it into an ordered dictionary.

  • “Other resources” at the end of each chapter

  • For print version, convert hyperlinks into footnotes.

    • build tool for this, or check int rst handling of this - see if it works with Sphinx;

The remainder are from context, from the book.


Yarko (example label of ToDo):

  • update CSS styles for todo’s & todo lists;
  • look at for example.
  • Autogenerated ToDoLists do not appear in LaTeX output - debug, fix;
  • DONE: - ToDo does not appear to be created by make dependencies (it’s autogenerated); - update Makefile to always re-generate todo lists;

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The remainder of this document needs rewriting. Rewrite this section for BitBucket & Mercurial; make some project specific diagrams;

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This section still work in progress:

  • hg branch lp:python3patterns
  • hg commit -m 'initial checkout'
  • (hack, hack, hack....)
  • hg merge (pull new updates)
  • hg commit -m 'checkin after merge...'
  • ... and so on...

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Someone who knows more about emacs for Linux please add more specific information about the windowed version(s).

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rewrite to distinguish python generator from above description, or choose different name.

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