List of contributors.


This needs some thought. I want to include everyone who makes a contribution, but I’d also like to indicate people who have made larger contributions – there’s no automatic way to do this now that we have moved to BitBucket and are using Wikis to allow people to make contributions more simply in the beginning.

Thanks To

  • and the creators of Mercurial
  • Creator(s) of Sphinx
  • And of course, Guido and the team for their incessant improvement of Python, especially for taking the risk in breaking backward compatibility in Python 3.0 to refactor the language.


Yarko (example label of ToDo):

  • update CSS styles for todo’s & todo lists;
  • look at for example.
  • Autogenerated ToDoLists do not appear in LaTeX output - debug, fix;
  • DONE: - ToDo does not appear to be created by make dependencies (it’s autogenerated); - update Makefile to always re-generate todo lists;